Getting your house ready for the photos. 

Let's face it, with the ever growing trend to look at homes on the internet before going for that visit to the property, photographs can either make or break the decision for the buyer.  Here are a few tips for any seller to get your property ready.


* Move cars away from the front and/or rear of the house and close garage doors

* Move trash cans and recycling bins inside or away from the house

* Hide hoses that are normally coiled up on the ground or on a portable cart

* Open deck furniture umbrellas, remove grill covers and put any deck cushions on the furniture

* Hide toys and sporting equipment in the garage or storage containers

Interior of House

* Turn on all interior lights and open all blinds and drapes.  Make sure any burned out light bulbs have been replaced.  Clean vertical surfaces that reflect light such as mirrors, refrigerators, windows, television screens, etc.  Hide all pet beds, toys, bowls, etc. in a closet or storage container.  Remove items other than non-religious framed art or decor hanging from walls.  Keep in mind that items being moved from room to room will show in photos of other rooms, so please hide items in closets and/or storage areas that will be photographed.  Remove personal photographs.


* Make it look as large as possible by removing shoes, coats, throw rugs, etc.


* Clear off countertops

* Remove hanging dish towels and small area rugs

* Remove calendars, schedules, school events, photographs, etc. from the refrigerator.

* Hide garbage cans along with pet food bowls, mats and other items.


* Make beds and be sure the mattress or any object under the bed are not showing

* Hide all personal items such as books, phones, removes, etc. (tip:  you can hide them under the pillows!)

* We suggest that personalized decor be removed from children's rooms so their names and pictures don't show in the photos which will go on the internet.

* If the closets are large and are going to be highlighted with photographs, make them as neat as possible.  Have shoes in boxes, clothes neatly hung and folded.

Dining Areas

* If the dining area is small, remove extra leaves from tables to make the room look larger

* Show off the woodwork on the table by removing protectors, tablecloths or place mats (simple is better)

* Remove extra dining chairs from the room so it doesn't look overcrowded and smaller that it really is.

Living Areas

* Keep the floors as clear as possible to emphasize the beauty of any wood floors

* Make sure all televisions and computer monitors are turned off, and if portable, hide them from view.

* Clean surfaces such as end tables and coffee tables of items that are not decorative, and hide all magazines, books, remotes, tissue boxes, etc.

Bathrooms/Powder Rooms

* Wash all mirrors.  Even the smallest splatter mark is magnified in photographs

* Hide trash cans, the toilet brush, bathmats and plungers

* Remove family bath and hand towels (Tip:  Don't forget to remove the robe hanging on the back of the door.)  You can keep a clean decorative/nice towel hung neatly.

* Remove ALL toiletries from the counter and the shower/tub area, such as shampoo bottles, razors, toothbrushes, etc.

* Make sure the toilet paper roll isn't empty or hanging down off the roll.

* Closet the toilet lid

These are just a few tips that can actually make the difference in getting people through the door to your home and hopefully, to the closing table!